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Guardian of the Well

Guardian of the Well

"Guardian of the Well" - This is “Father" Justinus Mamulus. He is the guardian of the Jacob’s Well Orthodox Church in Nablus, Palestine. This church was built over Jacob’s Well where Jesus met the woman of Samaria and offered her Living Water (John 4). It is located between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim near ancient Shechem in the West Bank. A very unstable region of the world. This Orthodox Priest has committed his life to protecting and preserving this special place for the past 30 plus years. His predecessor, “Father” Philoumenos, died a martyrs death doing the same thing. He was cut into pieces with an ax by extremist Jewish Zionists in 1979. These are the modern martyrs of our time. “Father” Justinus was very kind and welcoming and has the look of an ancient Patriarch. So awesome to have met this man of faith!

Canon 5D Mark III
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