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Waterfalls of Dan

Waterfalls of Dan

This is the Banias waterfall up in northern Israel that is close to the boarders of Lebanon to the west and Syria to the east. These are the headwaters of the Jordan river and the Sea of Galilee flowing down through the underground caverns from Mount Hermon. Centuries ago the Canaanites worshiped Baal at a cave that the waters came out from. Centuries later the Greeks worshipped Pan then the Romans worshippers Caesar in that same place. This is Caesarea Philippi where Jesus first revealed His Messiahship to the disciples in Matthew 16. Jesus goes to this popular place a false worship and here reveals that He is Messiah. Contrasting Himself with the Pagan gods of the day. He is greater and truer and purer and higher and mightier and stronger than the Pagan deities of today! He is the True Source of the water of life to satisfy the parched desserts of our lives! He fills our empty cups, cleanses our dirty lives, and satisfies our burning thirst! Come and drink of Him today!

Canon 5D Mark III
.6 sec
ISO 100